Brand Identity


Electric.ai is a high-growth startup based in New York City founded in 2016 to reimagine IT with artificial intelligence. While nearly every business function has been disrupted by technology in recent years, IT has been slow to evolve. Electric seeks to change that with next-gen IT that’s secure, lightning-fast, and integrated with Slack.


As Electric focused its vision on product development and explosive growth, CEO Ryan Denehey wanted a strikingly unique brand identity to communicate that Electric is reinventing IT services. So Anchor did just that…bringing this industry-disrupting brand to life with a look and feel that looked and felt like nothing else in the world of IT.


Anchor worked collaboratively with Electric to define visual territories, landing on inspiration that drew from pop-art, color blocking and neon-tinged retro.

The Perfect Match

Anchor explored how to integrate this vibrant, animated style with many facets of Electric’s visual Identity. We developed a range of primary and secondary colors, balancing neon and traditional hues, while providing direction on usage. We developed Electric Red as the hero brand color, applying it to the logo and mark. This created a dynamic, memorable look and feel that immediately brought the brand to life. When selecting fonts, Anchor was pragmatic. We chose a sans serif web-fonts that scaled across both digital and non-digital assets, and application with Electric’s products and web apps.

Modern Day Icons

Electric’s iconography featured both primary and secondary colors, creating a unique design element that made the icon’s appear as if they were coursing with electricity.

How It Comes Together

Electric’s visual identity was brought to life through identity system exercises that included illustration and graphic elements that playfully incorporated the brand icon with color blocks and stylized photography. Finally, Anchor established a design approach for data visualization, an integral product design feature for Electric’s web app.


Anchor’s brand guidelines were applied to Electric’s website redesign. The website’s launch marked the introduction to the new brand, crystalizing it’s visual identity, while connecting Electric’s bold ambition with its customers and employees.