Social, Strategy, Production, Reporting


Anchor began our partnership with Spotify in July 2019 as social AOR for Viva Latino, the streaming company’s Latin music vertical. Since then, we’ve expanded our relationship with the #1 audio company in the world to include additional agency-of-record relationships and projects across social listening, reporting, audience/market research, and b2b Creator marketplace.

Latin Music AOR: Viva Latino

Our purpose is to position Viva Latino as the premiere destination and cultural compass for the diversity of the Latin music genre. 

Our work spans channel development, creative campaigns for top artists, and on-site production for high-profile industry events. Most recently, Anchor worked with Spotify and Camilo on the social campaign for his highly anticipated first album, Por Primera Vez. Campaign content achieved the #1 and #2 ranked posts by reach in the last year. 

Services: social strategy, content and editorial development, reporting, insights, community management, production.


Creators AOR: Spotify for Artists & Spotify for Podcasters

As a passionate team of artists ourselves, Anchor was thrilled to officially onboard Spotify Creators social in June 2020 with the mission to make artists, podcasters, and music marketers shine. To that end, we’ve started building out our footprint beyond Instagram and Twitter, launching Spotify for Artists on LinkedIn and running both organic and paid media.

Services: Social Strategy, Content and Editorial Development, Reporting, Insights, Community Management, Production, Media Planning and Buying.

Strategy & Insights AOR: Strategic Development, Social Listening & Performance

Understanding content performance in order to learn and optimize is paramount. That’s why we partnered with Spotify to establish best-in-class social listening and performance practices – from campaign reporting to real-time dashboards.

Anchor now delivers strategic development works and insights reporting for Spotify, Spotify Podcasts, Rap Caviar, Hot Country, Spotify for Artists and Spotify for Podcasters.

Research, Insights & Strategies: Selected Projects

We’re not afraid of tough questions. Through unique methodologies and research, Anchor has worked with Spotify to uncover insights and provide guidance throughout a variety of research projects:

  • Podcast Brand Architecture
  • Podcast Landscape Marketing Insights
  • Music Marketing Comms Planning 
  • YouTube Podcast Sizing and Content Audit 
  • Podcast Product Development Insights
  • YouTube Landscape Marketing Insights
  • Social Audience Development