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In recent years, the sportswear market in Colombia has been dominated by two seemingly invincible giants, Nike and Adidas. Under Armour was used to thriving as an underdog in the US. In 2018, company was seeking to grow market share in new regions, setting its sights on Latin America with a launch in Colombia.


In 2018, Under Armour’s digital presence was limited. Only 2% of sports-related searches were aimed at Under Armour. Social content lacked an emotional connection with the brand’s core audience of determined athletes; engagement was extremely low. To officially launch in Colombia, we needed true athletes to take notice of Under Armour’s presence in the market.


While Under Armour’s competition leveraged pretty faces and unnatural poses, we wanted real, everyday athletes who could actually benefit from becoming part of the Under Armour family. We wanted to tell a story that wasn’t only about winning, it was about the willingness to push the limits of physical boundaries.


The Under Armour challenge was born — a 7-week physical challenge hosted by UA brand ambassadors and open to any Colombian. 400 athletes entered. Only 32 made it to the finals held at Expofitness. During this three-day event, the final 32 athletes competed in a test of willpower. Only two people walked away victorious.

 We took our newest family members to our HQ in Baltimore to learn more about the technology, mission, vision and values of the Under Armour brand.


  • 19M impressions, impacting 93% of our target audience.
  • 6.9M interactions, a 16,000% increase in engagement
  • 6.8 million video views
  • 40% Instagram follower growth
  • 89% growth in search
  • 800% growth in brand ambassadors’ followers  

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